Hypnosis The Key To Active Metabolism And Portion Control


In our program, there is no need to eat pre-packaged foods or take food supplements. Hypnosis works naturally and you eat natural foods that you buy at the grocery store. After our initial session, people find that they automatically have portion control, cut back on sweets and snacks and have more energy. Hypnosis creates a desire in you to walk or work out, and it helps your metabolism to work at an optimal level and burn more calories than ever before. This way you may lose between two to four pounds per week, which is your girlfriend’s experience. One of the most important parts of our program is making weight loss an enjoyable and fun experience. We encourage our clients to have fun because if you have fun and joy in your life, you will avoid resorting to food as a comfort and a stress reliever. Therefore, you will stop snacking and overeating. In our view, weight loss becomes possible when you:

1.) Stop emotional eating
2.) Develop and maintain portion control
3.) Develop an active metabolism
4.) Have a fun and active lifestyle

If you are ready to reach your goal weight, this is the program for you.