DEAR "Want mom back"

You are a brave little girl to put your feelings in a letter. I admire your courage and your desire to want to be close to your mother. Have you talked with her about any of this? She will need to be told by you, so she can decide to change her ways toward you. Divorce is not easy for kids or for parents. Grown-ups often assume that being a child must be easier than being an adult. They too can be sad and lonely. Your letter tells me that you are very capable in talking about the way you feel. You also seem to carry inside you some sadness about your parents' divorce. You may want to talk to your school counselor and tell her what you told me. A counselor can then help you and your mother on how to talk to each other calmly and build a good relationship between the two of you. Your letter is special and I know other kids will read it too. You may want to cut it out and give it to your mother to read. Good luck to you.

Dr. Eugenia Andrews