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Thank you for stopping by. Please stay and browse over the information, it is my hope you will find it interesting and useful to you. I'm Dr. Eugenia Andrews, Medical hypnotherapist, psychologist and Life success Coach.In my 33 years of working with clients, I have successfully helped thousands of people , to attain optimal emotional and physical health, wellness and success. Everyday, I help people lose weight, stop smoking, let go of fears and phobias, overcome anxiety, manage chronic pain, decrease stress and transform their lives.

I can help you lose weight in time for summer, with the amazing treatment of VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND HYPNOSIS, the ONLY non-surgical treatment that allows you to eat small portions and feel satisfied. No more depriving yourself ,no diets, pills, special foods or strenuous exercise.

Eugenia Andrews, Ph.D .

Health and Weight loss Coach
presents the seminar

"Love Your Skinny Jeans"
Release Weight
Gain Confidence
Reclaim Your Health

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