Weight Loss

You can lose weight just like Kelli! See her testimonial below.


It is the most successful non-surgical weight-loss program that utilizes the power of hypnosis, to retrain the individual to be satisfied with small portions of food. Through this powerful hypnotic method, that includes suggestion and visualization, you change how you think about food and the results that you attain are very safe and predictable. The brain is "convinced" that the stomach is full after a certain amount of food intake and there is no need to continue eating. This non-surgical therapy method is NOT a diet. After all, diets only work in the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat while it enables you to take in smaller portions of food. You never feel deprived, hungry or depressed, and you have no cravings. Through this type of hypnotherapy, your subconscious mind becomes convinced that you have undergone the stomach-altering lap band or gastric banding surgery. You will feel full quicker, and therefore you will eat less.

You stop being an emotional eater. You eat smaller portions and you feel totally satisfied. Your metabolism becomes more active and you never feel hungry.

See the amazing results of this hypnosis on the Dr. Oz show below:

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When you experience Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, there is no need to eat pre-packaged foods or take food supplements. Hypnosis works naturally and you eat natural foods that you buy at the grocery store. After our initial session, people find that they automatically have portion control, cut back on sweets and snacks and have more energy. Hypnosis creates a desire in you to walk or work out, and it helps your metabolism to work at an optimal level and burn more calories than ever before. This way you may lose between two to four pounds per week. One of the most important parts of our program is making weight loss an enjoyable and fun experience. We encourage our clients to have fun because if you have fun and joy in your life, you will avoid resorting to food as a comfort and a stress reliever. Therefore, you will stop snacking and overeating. In our view, weight loss becomes possible.


  • It helps you Stop Emotional Eating.
  • It is designed for steady, permanent weight loss and change in eating habits.
  • It has no diets, pills or supplements.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • No invasive surgery involved.
  • No need to take time off work for recovery.

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"I lost 10 lbs. in the first weeks of the program, and my wife lost 14 lbs. I am Buddy S. 65 and my wife Nyla S. is 62. How we got fat is immaterial. We had been looking for some way to lose weight. We first tried self-regulation of portion size and type of food. We then tried an off the shelf weight loss self-hypnosis CD by a well-known hypnotist. We also tried several other diet plans. None of them worked because we had both lost the will power we once had. We would either not listen to the CD regularly as required or rationalize larger portion size and food type. We had discussed hypnosis before but weren’t convinced it would work. Enter desperation. I was 234 lbs. and my wife was 240 lbs. We were determined to lose weight and decided as a last resort to try hypnosis.  We saw an ad in a paper for Dr. Eugenia Andrews' Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis weight loss. Our first session was on a Thursday afternoon. After that session we were convinced we had made the right decision. Our next session was on the next Tuesday afternoon. I had lost 10 lbs. and my wife had lost 14 lbs. We totally embraced the portion and food type as the program recommends. I started to feel better immediately and began to resume outside chores that I had long neglected. My wife also began to sort out items we plan to sell as part of a living estate sale. I have included our first week food log. We learned that WE had overcompensated and were actually not eating enough and are correcting this. For us the hypnosis process has given us focus and a renewed willpower. Bad habits are hard to break and the longer we allowed them the more comfortable we were in maintaining them.
The face to face sessions with Dr. Andrews has helped reinforce our desire to become healthier and slimmer. We don’t need spandex but we do need to be able to tie our shoes. We are finally excited about losing enough weight to be healthy and comfortable.
Buddy S. and Nyla S.