You can lose weight just like Kelli! See her testimonial below.

Weight Loss
Dr Eugenia,
I hit my goal of 145 lbs! I have now lost 20 pounds in 3 months.
I am so proud of myself. Thanks to you and EFT I feel I am in control of my emotional eating. EFT has changed my life. I can now solve my problems by tapping and not trying to comfort myself with food.
My craving for sweets is gone and I used to love chocolate!.
Now I go out to eat and I'm able to leave half the food on my plate and feel totally satisfied.The other day I was at a Mexican restaurant with friends and I only ate 3 chips, which was a total shock to them . Everyone I have referred you has been very happy with the results. It is easy to eat smaller portions and I never feel deprived.

Thank you again.
Ruth Lloyd
Grand Prairie, Texas

Weight Loss
Worth. Every. Penny. Dr. Eugenia helped me find myself again, hidden underneath layers of fat that seemed come off like a coat. Finally, I see myself when I look in the mirror. Over the course of 8 weeks I lost 18 pounds while in Dr. Eugenia's weight loss and coaching program. I am a person who likes to do things naturally. I found myself searching online and looking at different fads and weight loss programs that I knew were just temporary and completely artificial. Then I found Dr. Eugenia's Weight loss , Hypnosis program. Working with her helped me make a complete lifestyle change for myself and my family in a completely natural and normal way. I was no longer a "garbage can." I never felt hungry or starved. I ATE and I ate well! While in Dr. Eugenia's program, I listened to her mp3's daily. Even if I fell asleep listening to them, I knew they were entering my subconscious. Everything I listened to was completely positive. Dr. Eugenia, was also a supportive and positive person. She helped me sort out and work through all the things that triggered me to eat when I was not hungry. She was a constant source of support, available almost 24/7 via email, text and phone. If I needed her when I struggled, she was there. She also checked in on me frequently and would send me positive affirmations. I was not in this alone, she was with me the entire time to help support me. During my first couple of weeks with Dr. Eugenia we focused on eating healthy and not being triggered to eat when I didn't need too. Then she started working on getting me to become more active. It didn't happen right off, it had to settle into my mind a bit. Then all of a sudden I started walking nearly everyday. While I used to dread walking, now I look forward to it! I still eat out on occasion. But, I now know how to make better choices. The lifestyle change that Dr. Eugenia helped me with is starting to come easier. I still bake cookies for my family. But, instead of eating 6 of them in a sitting and having the whole batch gone by the next day. I am content with just having two and leaving the rest for everyone else. I am also now able to go to parties or events without over eating. One of my hardest confrontations was Forth of July this past Summer. I was surrounded by a buffet and the only thing terrible I did was have a single crumb from a brownie. A couple of weeks later, I completely declined cake at a birthday party. It wasn't hard to do, it just happened! If I had the choice to go back and do it again, I completely would. I highly recommend Dr. Eugenia if you are ready to lose weight and get your life back. This is still only the beginning of something wonderful for me!

Carmen Francis
Fort Worth, Texas

Weight Loss
Hi, Doctor Andrews
The hypnosis and life coaching sessions I have had with Dr. Andrews have really turned me around when it comes to eating habits and self confidence. She took the time to get to know and understand me as a person and made sure our sessions were specific to my needs. I went in with the goal of losing a lot of weight right away. After a few months, I came away with a big smile, lots of energy and minus 12 pounds! But, most importantly, I recently had the best medical report from my physician , Dr. Janet Hinkle . It was the best I've had in more than 10 years! Normal cholesterol, normal tryglicerides -- a real first for me! For that I am truly grateful. Dr. Andrews helped me realize how much more important I am than loads of sugar -- my main culprit. She spent so much extra time supporting me through phone calls and email -- I knew I wasn't going through this transformation alone. She taught me to focus on my well-being and happiness instead of how much unhealthy food I could eat -- to slow down and savor a good meal. I look forward to continuing my work with Dr. Andrews.
Thank you,

Rebecca Adamietz
Fort Worth, Texas

Weight Loss

I lost 10 lbs. in the first weeks of the program, and my wife lost 14 lbs. I am Buddy S. 65 and my wife Nyla S. is 62. How we got fat is immaterial. We had been looking for some way to lose weight. We first tried self-regulation of portion size and type of food. We then tried an off the shelf weight loss self-hypnosis CD by a well-known hypnotist. We also tried several other diet plans. None of them worked because we had both lost the will power we once had. We would either not listen to the CD regularly as required or rationalize larger portion size and food type. We had discussed hypnosis before but weren’t convinced it would work. Enter desperation. I was 234 lbs. and my wife was 240 lbs. We were determined to lose weight and decided as a last resort to try hypnosis. We saw an ad in a paper for Dr. Eugenia Andrews' Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis weight loss. Our first session was on a Thursday afternoon. After that session we were convinced we had made the right decision. Our next session was on the next Tuesday afternoon. I had lost 10 lbs. and my wife had lost 14 lbs. We totally embraced the portion and food type as the program recommends. I started to feel better immediately and began to resume outside chores that I had long neglected. My wife also began to sort out items we plan to sell as part of a living estate sale. I have included our first week food log. We learned that WE had overcompensated and were actually not eating enough and are correcting this. For us the hypnosis process has given us focus and a renewed willpower. Bad habits are hard to break and the longer we allowed them the more comfortable we were in maintaining them. 
The face to face sessions with Dr. Andrews has helped reinforce our desire to become healthier and slimmer. We don’t need spandex but we do need to be able to tie our shoes. We are finally excited about losing enough weight to be healthy and comfortable.

Buddy S. and Nyla S.
Decatur, Texas

Weight Loss
Dear Dr. Andrews:
I wanted to tell you what a positive experience I had meeting with you and achieving my goal of a perfect weight. I decided against weighing so I do not know exactly how many pounds I have lost. I do know that I have achieved going down two sizes in my clothes!!!!!
Thank you,

Gwen Adams
Fort Worth, Texas

Weight Loss / Depression
I would like to tell anyone who is interested that Dr. Andrews is very professional and caring.
She has helped me improve my outlook on life and to like myself better than I did. I am losing weight doing hypnosis and EFT and plan to continue to do so until I get my weight down to my perfect weight. She can help with other situations too, that someone may have a problem with and need help. I highly recommend her for counseling.

Louise S.
Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Andrews,
We all wanted to send you our deepest thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to give us the inservice on weight loss/management. We are still receiving positive feedback. All of the staff enjoyed your talk and many more wished they had been there. There seems to be a little code now as we pass one
another tapping away with bright smiles on our faces. Thank you again for thinking of us. May God continue to bless your practice.

Peg Sheehan, LVN,CM
Case Manager
Healthsouth Cityview
Rehabilitation Hospital
Fort Worth, Texas

Hello, Dr. Andrews:
Thanks for your help and kind words. On my morning walks, I think over many of the things we discuss in our meetings. I have found them very helpful in reaching my weight goal and in my life.
Thank you,

Sandy O.
Mid Cities, Texas

Smoking Cessation
Dr. Andrews,
I wanted let you know that I AM A NON SMOKER and HAVE NOT gained any weight!!! I am very proud of myself and I really appreciate the gift you have given to me. My last day to have a cigarette was on October 4th 2009 and I haven’t cheated myself once. I feel so much better and now know that I have more will power than ever before. My life has been very difficult due to deaths in the family for the last year and I would not have ever thought that during such a difficult time I would be able to quit. I would have always given in but you helped me understand what quitting was all about for me. During one of our sessions I had mentioned wanting to drink more water, I have also achieved this goal. You taught me how to be a better person. God bless you for being on this earth to help me and so many others!!!

Thanks again,
Amber Sherrell
Fort worth, TX

I really didn’t know what to expect from Dr. Andrews when I first went to see her. I had tried a lot of things to quit smoking and none had worked. My wife told me to give her a try, so I went. After one visit I have quit smoking and I am really thankful. That was Feb. 9, 2008 and I am still smoke free. It really works.

Russell Phipps
Granbury, TX

Smoking Cessation
Hi Dr. Andrews,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me quit smoking. I have tried this many, many times and have never been successful. Since my session with you, I have not had a cigarette nor have I had the desire to smoke. I feel much healthier and have more time to spend with my family without having to worry about smoking.
Again, thank you for your help, you have helped me to become a healthier, lively, and energetic person. I have recommended you to everyone I know.

Stephanie Skiles
Burleson, TX

Smoking Cessation
I was a committed smoker, even a devout smoker, for 30 years. Smoking was like a companion to me and I was scared of being lonely without it. I didn't really want to quit, but I wanted to want to. The people who cared about me wanted me to want to. I knew intellectually that it was best for me to stop killing myself with cigarettes.
But I doubted that I could be strong enough to stop. I knew that for me I would need something different, something powerful to make it even possible. Dr Andrews has a technique that incorporates four different treatment methods working together. She takes an interest and gets to know enough about you to customize the treatment for you personally. She told me in our first conversation that it would be easy, “like slicing butter.”
I went that morning to the first session hopeful, but fearful that my addiction would prove too strong to treat. But later that day, I was just going about my daily routine and I suddenly noticed that I was thoroughly content, that I wasn't craving a cigarette at all and that I hadn’t in hours. I felt calm, I wasn’t nervous or climbing the walls or tearing out my hair. I got up and picked up all the ashtrays in the house, started washing my clothes, airing out my house, making a grocery list for healthy foods. Dr. Andrews advises you on everything from emotional triggers, to diet, to home relaxation techniques and after two more sessions I am thrilled to say I am completely free from smoking, I feel at peace and I would recommend this program to anyone.

Rose Anderson
Fort Worth, Texas

QUIT SMOKING NOW! It is easy through hypnosis.
Thanks to Dr. Eugenia Andrews with her encouragement, positive attitude and calming voice I have stopped smoking for 3 years now.
It was effortless and the best thing I have ever done. No more cravings. Even in stressful situations, frustration, or anger I don't think about reaching for a cigarette.
A teacher for 29 years, now I am a nonsmoker, free and healthy.

Mid Cities, Texas

Pain Management with Hypnosis
When I first saw Dr Andrews as a patient I was recovering from a firefighting accident that left me burned over 87% of my body and without feet. I started seeing her for depression and nightmares, not knowing much about her and her work. Her calming manners and sympathetic ways soon put me on the path of mental recovery. Soon after that she suggested hypnosis for help in pain control it was that suggestion that put me on my way to using my artificial legs... I was soon moving around with a greatly reduced pain level with out the aid of medication. Sixteen yeas later I broke my leg and had to have a re-amputation. I was in a great deal of pain and having a difficult time getting around. My wife once again found Dr Andrews and not only did we do hypnosis , Dr Andrews introduced me to acupuncture in combination with hypnosis and tapping I soon had great pain relief and was able to get back on my artificial legs once again.
I found her enthusiasm, dedication and belief in not only her work, but the patient’s total well being the most refreshing. Approached with an open mind and heart this can be the best thing for anybody

Randal Goodwin
Emergency Support Service
Cleburne, Texas

Life / Business Coaching
I was looking for someone who could help me with the positive mental aspects of growing my business. Prosperity coaching with Eugenia was a great answer to my quest. Each session built on the mental gains of the previous session. When a personal issue intervened, she was able to help me keep a good perspective and move ahead with my personal goals. She is so good at meeting one where his or her needs are but will help you to move forward with her gentle nudging to keep you on your plan for your future.

Kay W.
Fort Worth, Texas
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Sales Success / Motivational Coaching

Dear Dr. Andrews,

I wanted you to know how excited I was for the opportunity to have heard you speak at our Marketers Networking group. Your vast professional experience was most impressive and very humbling to me personally. Your ideas were inspiring and invaluable to all of us who work in the area of marketing. Anyone who is committed to using them could achieve their full potential.

The day you spoke, you had the group perform an exercise that had us visualize and focus on the goals that we needed/wanted to accomplish. Well...I am a firm believer in your technique. That very day a co-marketer who was seated next to me left with me that morning and before the day ended we each received three referrals that were much needed for our monthly quote. We were very impressed with the immediate results we had.

Again, Dr. Andrews I am so grateful you shared such valuable insight. It had a positive impact on all of us.


Judy Johnson
Tender Heart Home Health & Hospice

Business / Parent Coach
As a businessman and parent, I came to Dr. Andrews seeking help with the stresses and worries accompanying these respective major areas of my life. Dr. Andrews is warm and understanding. She gently led me to see how my thoughts affected the path of my business dealings and family life, both positive and negative, consistent with the “law of attraction” and with the principles of The Secret. Then, employing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), she helped me sculpt the changes needed. Her positive approach helps me make the changes in attitude, perspective and belief necessary for peace, happiness and success, and I have seen the fruits of the success in both business and parenting.

Fort Worth, Texas

Excellent Individual and Group Psychologist
I have been working with Dr. Andrews concerning these issues: family counseling, weight loss, stress management, and personal growth to help me deal with my divorce and career change. She has used hypnosis (very soothing), personal growth plans (lots of work there), talk therapy", acupressure, and just plain good ole common sense and kindness. I have lost weight, calmed down quite a bit, and am working out issues with family members. Dr. Andrews has gone way beyond what I had ever hoped for in a therapist. She reduced her fee so I could afford her services and gave phone support between visits.

By Sally O.
Mid Cities, Texas| Insider

Public Speaking on Personal / Professional Prosperity and Success
We all want to be happy, successful and content in our lives. But, how is that achieved and how is it measured?
I recently attended a presentation given by Dr. Andrews that was nothing short of mesmerizing.
In her contagious enthusiasm, Dr. Andrews spoke passionately and eloquently about truths in life; The Law of Attraction, How to find you true potential, recognizing your own individual strengths and power, having a positive attitude, how to achieve success and happiness. Dr. Andrews outlined strategies starting from within yourself. She encouraged her audience and gave a plan of action on how to capitalize on our own strengths and talents by visualizing our goals and desires. Again she emphasized never to let anything interfere with our passion and vision of our goals.
Vanquish negativism and let good come toward each one of us. Ask the universe for what you want and believe that success is your birthright and finally be ready to receive it.
I have experienced the positive effects of her teachings personally and can attest that she is absolutely tuned in to the depth of human potential. Dr. Andrews has skills that are representative of her considerable education but more importantly, she is blessed with a deep sense of compassion and understanding of what we as humans really need. Her message was powerful and inspirational.
I am so impressed! Thank you so much.

Ken Mclaughlin
Perrone Pharmacy, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

Public Speaking
Dear Eugenia,
I just want to let you know that the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Fort Worth and Tarrant County is very grateful for all the time you have given to us. Your dedication to your clients and our organization is tremendous.

Thank you so much for all you do in the mental health community.

Molly Stegall
DBSA Fort Worth & Tarrant County

Grief Counseling/Coaching
Dear Eugenia,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful presentation that you gave at our meeting for A Hole in My Heart Ministry in August. As you well know as a professional, and have witnessed from our meeting, the death of a child is an overwhelming situation to walk through, however we have an amazing God and wonderful people, such as you, who selflessly give of themselves to help others…making our walk a little more manageable. You were a real blessing to have at our meeting and I know that the information you shared reached the mothers in a very deep and special way.
What I like best about you is how “real” you are…you really connected with the group and had the moms engaged in participating with your presentation, which was most helpful. The information you shared was very informative and knowledgeable, yet you also made it fun and easy, which is a difficult task to do in the area of grief, especially where the death of a child is concerned. The moms really felt encouraged by you.
I also want to thank you for how you generously offered your services to the mothers there. That was a very kind thing to do for us.
We so enjoyed having you come and share with us and look forward to having you come back again and visit us in the near future.

Autumn Ater
Founder, Servant and Bereaved Mother
A Hole in My Heart