Your friend is absolutely right in her suggestion. In 1980, tests of world class Russian athletes showed that mental training was far more productive than physical training. Electrophysiological testing had indicated the dramatic results that visual imaging had on athletic performance since 1932. Hypnosis cannot make unskilled people into champions. What it can do is help individuals who have the skills and the desire to do well, to reach performance at or near their “personal best” levels. Hypnosis for improvement of athletic performance deals with four categories: Goal setting, Relaxation, Concentration, and Rehearsal. Relaxation relieves tension (your son will definitely benefit form this), and concentration removes distractions. Mental rehearsing has proved more productive than physical practice. Olympic athletes use it often, with perfect results. Your son can learn through hypnosis to have fun playing and he will forget about being anxious. Remember “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve!”